We have many users who visit our courthouse to search records frequently. If this is you, and there are times when you can’t make in to visit us, we have an option for you to search our records from your office or home.

You may want to consider using our online virtual courthouse. Our online virtual courthouse is open 24/7.

Documents available for online viewing are as follows:

  • Deeds; 1970 to present.
  • Deeds of Trust; 1918 to present
  • Liens & Judgements 1998  to present, Releases 1992 to present
  • NOTE 1: Our records are constantly being updated

NOTE 2: This virtual courthouse option is for those members and agencies that access courthouse records frequently.

This is option is not suited for the one time user. This option does incur a monthly fee of $15.00. In addition to a monthly $15.00 fee, there is a .50 cent charge for each printed copy.

If you feel our virtual courthouse is something you’re interested in let’s get you started in obtaining access. Upon your submission of the Virtual Courthouse Online Users Agreement, a representative of our office will call you and discuss this option in more detail. Should you desire to call us first, before completing the User Agreement, please call (304) 264-1927, ext 6006 and ask for Mrs. Dunn-Carey. Additionally, Mrs. Dunn-Carey may be reached via email at EDUNNCAREY@BERKELEYWV.ORG.

To complete and submit the Virtual Courthouse Online Users Agreement click here. NOTE: Upon submission of the Virtual Courthouse Online Users Agreement you can expect access normally within 24 hours, excluding weekends.

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