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1.  Are your records available online? Yes, we have several documents available to be viewed online.  Viewing documents online are for those who research documents often as there is a $15.00 a month fee. If you desire more information please give our office a call at (304) 264 – 1927.

2.  What are your hours of operations? Our office is open Monday through Friday, 8:00 am to 5:00 pm, excluding holidays.

3.  Can we be married at the Courthouse?  Sorry, but currently, marriages are not being performed at the courthouse

4. How much is a Marriage License?  Fifty-six dollars ($56.00) cash, credit/debit card or money order is required on the day you apply for the license if you did not attend premarital counseling. If you did complete at least 4 hours of premarital counseling and have valid proof of certificate/letter, the price is reduced to Thirty-six dollars ($36.00) cash, credit/debit card or money order

5.  Is this the location to obtain a plat, and if so what is the cost?  This is the right place to obtain a copy of a plat.  Below are the cost of Plats:

o  Plat ( 24"x 18" OR 8 1/2" X 14") = $1.50

o  Plat (24"x36") = $5.00

6.  What is the first year of birth records in the County Clerk's Office?  Records of Births in the County Clerk’s Office begin in 1865.

7.  What is the first year for death records in the County Clerk's Office? Records of Deaths begin in 1865.

8.  What is the first year of records in the County Clerk's Office for Marriages? Marriages begin in 1781; bonds and 1864 in our record books.

9.  What is the first year of records in the County Clerk's Office for Deeds? Records of Deeds begin in 1772.

10.  What is the first year of records in the County Clerk's Office for Wills? Records of Wills begin in 1772.

11. How do I obtain a copy of a Birth, Death or Marriage Certificate?  To obtain a copy of a Birth/Death/Marriage Certificate click here.  Once you complete the form return it to:

Berkeley County Courthouse
Attention: Vital Statistics
100 West King Street
Martinsburg, WV 25401


NOTE: Certificates can only be obtained by the individual, child of person on certificate or his/her representative, i.e. person having power-of-attorney, an attorney, or estate executor.

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